Maintenance tips for a Healthy Cartridge

An ink cartridge or inkjet cartridge is a component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink that is deposited onto paper during printing. Printers are well known for giving users more trouble than any other part of the computer. Cartridges are one of the sensitive parts of the Printer.  Cartridges need to be handled with care and kept in an environment free from dust and other hazardous. Along with its high sensitivity to dust and environment, it is an expensive part of the printer. So, some people see replacing cartridges or refilling it as a waste of money. Now the question is how can you make your cartridge last longer with effective quality?

Here are a few tips to maintain your cartridge:

  1. Prevent the drying out of Ink.

When you are not using the printer for a while, store your cartridge in an airtight zip lock pouch and keep it in a dry place away from the sunlight and heat or you can use a cartridge holder which keep them moist and healthy. This will offer you a good quality printing for a long time.

  1. Keep the cartridge in a head-down position.

This keeps the cartridges properly hydrated and will help to prevent cross contamination of color.

  1. Keep a check on the perfect time to replace or refill your cartridge.

To keep your printer’s ink cartridge perform best for a long time, it is very important to keep a check on the perfect time to get it replace or refill. Blurred images or text help you to determine the perfect timing for this activity. In case you replacing your cartridges use original cartridge rather than compatible one.

  1. Don’t shake your cartridge.

This can cause damage to your cartridge’s insides and they may not be able to keep ink down.

To keep cartridges in good health it is important to maintain a cleaning program at a specific interval. The build-up of dust, toner, and other debris inside your printer can cause jams as well as streaks of ink that appear on papers where you don’t want them. Running printer head cleaning program periodically keep them healthy.

  1. Don’t scratch or touch your cartridge.

Avoid touching any electronic parts of the cartridge. This may disrupt or damage your printer-cartridge connection. At the time of putting or removing the ink cartridge to and from the printer, do it carefully. Do not force the cartridge in and out or you could damage the circuit board.